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Successful European Universities Games 2022 concluded in Lodz

After a break due to Covid-19, the European Universities Games returned this year. European University Sports Association (EUSA), in cooperation with the local Organising Committee, lead by Lodz University of Technology, University Sports Association of Poland (AZS) and the City of Lodz, supported by key partners, prepared a memorable event, offering 20 sports, educational, social and cultural activities.

The European Universities Games in Lodz represent the largest multi-sport event in Europe this year. After 15 days of competitions, the event concluded with a closing ceremony, held on Saturday, July 30, at the Lodz Sport Arena, following the women’s handball final match.

The closing ceremony was held in the presence of the highest regional, city, university and university sport officials, and showed highlights of each of the 20 sports featured at the 2022 Games, as well as giving a sneak-peak what we can expect at the next European Universities Games in 2024.

In the closing speech, EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek thanked the Organising Committee and host city partners and reflected on the event: “It was amazing restarting the university sport in Europe after the pandemic. These were Games of equal opportunities and solidarity, the Games of hope, the Games which proved that European University Sport Community is still strong and vital; the BEST Games Ever!” He also especially thanked the volunteers for their immense work.

After the lowering of EUSA flag and playing the academic anthem Gaudeamus Igitur, the flag was passed from the President of the Organising Committee of the European Universities Games 2022, the Rector of Lodz University of Technology Mr Krzysztof Jozwik to the organisers of the next edition of the European Universities Games in 2024, represented by the Rector of the University of Miskolc Ms Zita Horvath. In 2024, the university sport community will gather in two cities, located in eastern Hungary - Debrecen and Miskolc.

The biannual event, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, started with the official opening ceremony on July 17 at the Atlas Arena, in Polish 3rd largest city Lodz, where over 7000 people welcomed athletes, officials, referees and volunteers of this year’s European Universities Games.

After the march pass of the athletes and delegation officials, following the official speeches, including that by the EUSA President Mr Adam Roczek, the event was opened by the Rector of the Lodz University of Technology and the President of the Organising Committee Mr Krzysztof Jozwik. Present at the Opening were also high representatives of the City of Lodz, Polish Ministry of Education and Science, regional government, University Sports Association of Poland, International University Sport Federation, European Commission and several representatives of the partner organisations.

The event was attended also by the FISU Acting President Mr Leonz Eder and FISU Vice-President Mr Marian Dymalski.

Over 6000 people were directly engaged in the event, recording 4459 participants, representing 422 universities from 38 countries. Over 800 volunteers contributed to the success of the event, and other key people making the event a reality were members of the Organising Committee, EUSA representatives and staff, as well as a strong delegation of referees and judges, many of them nominated through European sport governing bodies.

The European Universities Games target athletes enrolled in higher education studies in Europe, and this year’s edition of the Games offered them chance to compete in 3x3 Basketball, Badminton, Basketball, Beach Handball, Beach Volleyball, Chess, Football, Futsal, Handball, Judo, Karate, Kickboxing, Sport Climbing, Swimming, Table Tennis (including Para Table Tennis), Tennis, Volleyball, Water Polo and also featuring Sitting Volleyball and Para Power Lifting as promo sports. Competitions in 3x3 Basketball and Football were also considered as European qualifiers for FISU University World Cups.

Thanks to the joins efforts of EUSA, AZS, and the local Organising Committee, 285 participants from Ukraine, representing 40 universities were able to take part in 16 sports. The Ukrainian student athletes were also very successful, winning 62 medals in the event.

Apart of the sports competitions, the Games offered a wide array of educational, cultural and social activities. Several educational events, including conference on volunteering, workshops on social skills, anti-doping, disabilities and inclusion, roundtable on dual career and other fun and educational activities have been carried out in July.

The European Universities Games in Lodz were organised under the licence of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) by the Lodz University of Technology, University Sports Association of Poland (AZS) and City of Lodz, in cooperation with the EUSA Institute and several partners, including the Ministry of Education and Science, national and local tourism organisations, Polish Olympic Committee, national and local sports organisation, media outlets and was also supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

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BRAVA links employment and dual career stakeholders
01 July 2022

The third virtual meeting of the Erasmus+ project Brand Values Alignment through Dual Career (BRAVA) was held online on June 30, developing guidelines for employment sector, related to engagement and employment of dual career athletes and sport professionals.

EUGenio awaits you in Lodz
01 July 2022

EUGenio, the mascot of the European Universities Games, together with the team from the EUG2022 Organising Committee, their partners and volunteers, as well as the team from EUSA, are finalising the preparations for the largest European sport event this summer, coming to Lodz between July 17 and 30.

EUSA contributes at an international futsal congress
06 July 2022

An exclusive event with leading futsal experts, Futsal is here: Global Development Forum, was held in the period of June 23-25 in Poreč, Croatia. The Congress was dedicated to those working within futsal in football federations and competition organizers.

10 days to go to the EUG2022 Opening Ceremony
07 July 2022

The Opening Ceremony of the European Universities Games Lodz 2022 is only 10 days away! Lodz is ready to host participants representing European Universities from all over Europe, gathering at this year's largest university sport event in the world, and one of the largest sports events to be held in Poland.

Work 4 Cause-Serve 4 Sport partners meet in Greece
08 July 2022

Partners of the Work for a cause, serve for sport (W4C-S4S) project on volunteering in sport gathered for a two-day meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece from 6-7 of July, hosted and held in the premises of Social Innovation & Cohesion Institute - Fifty Fifty.

Introducing new reinforcements to EUSA team
10 July 2022

European University Sports Association (EUSA) and its Institute are happy to introduce our work reinforcements – Mr Mariano Carcatella and Ms Hristina Hristova. They are joining the staff in the EUSA Office in Ljubljana as the Assistant Sport Manager and Communications Officer.

EUSA 2021-22 Magazine published
11 July 2022

The European University Sports Association (EUSA) has published the annual edition of its magazine – the European University Sports Association Year Magazine 2021-22, launched at the occasion of the European Universities Games 2022 in Lodz, Poland.

Behind the scenes - European Universities Games 2022
13 July 2022

Welcome to the story of European Universities Games 2022. We are one day before the start of the first arrivals and four days before the grand opening of this edition of the games. With this article we will walk you through the past one week and share with you some "behind the scenes" moments.

10th Anniversary of the European Universities Games
13 July 2022

Today we mark 10 years since the start of the first European Universities Games in 2012 in Cordoba, Spain. European Universities Games (EUG) represent multi-sport university event governed by the European University Sports Association (EUSA).

EUG 2022: The arrival is as important as the journey
14 July 2022

The days in Lodz are becoming busier and even fuller with excitement and festive spirit. Today, on 14th of July, the first teams started to arrive, ready to compete on the European Universities Games 2022.

EUG 2022: Press Conference
15 July 2022

Today, the Organizational Committee of the European Universities Games in Lodz, held a press conference, in Geyer’s Gardens. Officials, representatives of the city of Lodz, media and volunteers had the chance to be present and to also see the beach volleyball and 3x3 basketball venues.

EUG 2022: First General Technical Meetings
15 July 2022

First competitions at the European Universities Games in Lodz are having their kick-offs tomorrow and today on 15th of July, the General Technical Meetings for Chess, Beach Volleyball, Futsal, Table Tennis, Kickboxing, Volleyball, Tennis and Water polo were held in the premises of the Institute of Physics of Lodz University of Technology.

EUG 2022: NUSA Coordination Meeting
16 July 2022

Today 16th of July, a NUSA Coordination Meeting was held at the Institute of Physics of University of Technology of Lodz. Present were representatives of 17 national university sports associations (NUSA) and representatives of the European University Sports Association (EUSA).

EUG 2022: Competitions kickoffs
16 July 2022

Today was the day when tournaments of Chess, Beach Volleyball, Futsal, Table Tennis, Kickboxing, Volleyball, Tennis and Water Polo have started at the European Universities Games 2022 in Lodz.

EUG 2022: Observer Programme
17 July 2022

Today 17 of July, the first day of the Observer Programme, took place at Holiday Inn hotel in Lodz. Observer program is a program that will give a wider insight into the whole key information about the process of organizing the European Universities Games for future host and organizers. The Observer Program will be last three days from 17-20 of July.

EUG 2022: An exciting second competition day
17 July 2022

The second day of the competitions at the European Universities Games 2022 Lodz included: Chess, Beach Volleyball, Futsal, Table Tennis, Kickboxing, Volleyball, Tennis and Water Polo.

EUG 2022: Opening Ceremony
18 July 2022

European Universities Games 2022 are officially open!
The third largest city in Poland and a former industrial centre, the city of Lodz, in the next 13 days will be the hosting place of the biggest university sport event in Europe. Official opening ceremony was held at the Atlas Arena with the presence of the representatives of the highest authorities representing the host country, the University of Technology of Lodz, University of Lodz, City of Lodz, European University Sports Association (EUSA), VIPs, Officials, athletes, and citizens of Lodz.

EUG 2022: EUSA Conference on Volunteering
18 July 2022

On 18 July, the European University Sport Association (EUSA) held a conference on the topic of volunteering open to anyone wanting to learn about international university sport volunteering and EU volunteering projects. This event having its relevance within the framework of the European Universities Games 2022 Lodz and the future sport events.

EUG 2022: Going strong on the third day of competition
18 July 2022

The third day of the competitions at the European Universities Games 2022 Lodz included: Chess, Beach Volleyball, Futsal, Table Tennis, Kickboxing, Volleyball, Tennis and Water Polo and the kick off of the Para Table Tennis tournament.

EUG 2022: EUSA-AZS Reception
18 July 2022

On the 18 of July, the members of the national university sport associations - general coordination representatives, EUSA family members, representatives of the Organising Committee, and other VIP guests were invited to attend the joint reception of AZS and EUSA at the Stadion Widzewa in Lodz.

EUG 2022: EUSA round table on Dual Career
19 July 2022

On 19 July, EUSA held a Round Table focusing on Dual Career at Zatoka Sportu venue in Lodz. This conference along with yesterday’s conference on Volunteering were part of the educational segment of the program for European Universities Games 2022.

EUG 2022: Finals for ones, semi-finals for others
19 July 2022

The fourth day of the competitions at the European Universities Games 2022 Lodz included: Chess, Beach Volleyball, Para Table Tennis, Futsal, 3X3 Basketball, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Tennis and Water Polo.

EUG 2022: Workshops and end of Observer Programme
20 July 2022

The European Universities Games are not just about sports and competition, it is also about educational and social programs, volunteerism, and knowledge. Various workshops on different topics were held, mainly for volunteers, for them to gain multiple other skills and information throughout the European Universities Games 2022 in Lodz, Poland.

EUG 2022: Four sports got their closures
21 July 2022

Day 5 of the EUG 2022 in Lodz, Poland, has been eventful. Both women and men competed in the beach volleyball finals, we have watched para table tennis finals, got the winners of the table tennis competition, and 3x3 basketball players have been scoring for medals. Who reached for the top?

EUG 2022: Educational side of volunteering
21 July 2022

At the European Universities Games 2022, interactive workshops are part of the schedule. Two different workshops were organized in the past two days, having the main target group, the volunteers. One was organised by ENGSO, focused on development of personal skills and the other was the second part of the ECO workshop.

EUG 2022: A relentless 6th competition day
21 July 2022

Today we experienced another busy day, two finals in tennis and water polo and one kick off in football, both in men and women categories.

EUG 2022: Enjoy your free time in Zatoka Sportu
22 July 2022

These days at the European Universities Games 2022 Lodz, Zatoka Sportu venue has been busy with sports competitions but not only. Indeed, visitors and participants can enjoy some other activities in their free time.

EUG 2022: Goals, scores, winners
22 July 2022

The 7th day of competitions was no different from other days when it comes to fun, reaching for the top and a lot of scores and goals.  It was the day of two more finals, futsal women and volleyball, GTM of beach handball, semi-finals of futsal men and round two of football.

EUG 2022: A Kick Off on sand and a Final indoor
23 July 2022

The 8th day of competition ended once more with celebrations, as the final of futsal men took place in the evening. It was also the day of two GTMs for basketball and judo.

EUG 2022: Sambodrom and Erasmus+ Run
24 July 2022

This weekend was busy, not only with sports but also with fun, exciting and competitive side events, such as Sambodrom and Erasmus+ run. Both events happened on the most famous and long street in Lodz, Piotrkowska Street.

EUG 2022: day of judo, basketball and beach handball
24 July 2022

Two more sports became part of the daily schedule today, basketball and judo, while beach handball already came to the semi-finals and main rounds.

EUG 2022: Double victory for University of Zagreb
25 July 2022

We are at the 10th day of competition today. The 10th day is the kick-off day of badminton and handball, the day of finals for beach handball, the day for round 2 of judo and basketball and quarter finals for football.

VolFair and Uni4S project meetings in Lodz
26 July 2022

On July 24th and 25th, the EUSA Institute participated in two different projects meetings hosted by the University Sports Association of Poland, in Lodz, Poland.

EUG 2022: Judo concludes, others carry on
26 July 2022

Another combat sport has finished its journey on the European Universities Games 2022 in Lodz, Poland. The finals of judo took place today while the semi-finals for football and badminton were also going strong. Handball and basketball had their round 2 and 3 today.

EUG 2022: Solidarity wins, supporting Ukraine
27 July 2022

At the European Universities Games in Lodz, we are happy and proud to have been able to welcome an extensive delegation from Ukraine, counting 285 participants from 40 universities, taking part in 16 sports.

EUG 2022: New champions, new wins
27 July 2022

While the basketball and handball teams are still competing to earn their place on the podium, the schedule of the 12th competition day at the European Universities Games 2022 Lodz displayed finals and awards ceremonies in football, badminton, and swimming competitions.

Fair play and clean sport are part of EUSA and EUG 2022
28 July 2022

European University Sports Association (EUSA) and its Institute have been advocating for clean sport without doping and Fair play for several years already and remains committed to the cause. Apart from taking part in EADIN project some years ago, EUSA was a partner in Match Point project on anti-doping in Tennis. EUSA is also part of the Fair play movement, includes fair play award in multiple sport disciplines, and part of the European Universities Games and European Universities Championships also annually attributes the Enno Harms Fair Play Award.

EUG2022: The three last Competitions have started
28 July 2022

While the end of the European Universities Games 2022 approaches, three competitions just started today: taekwondo, karate and sport climbing. Quarter finals took place for basketball and handball competitions, and the swimming and badminton competitions are still in full swing.

EUG 2022: EUG 2024 Debrecen-Miskolc Reception
29 July 2022

On 29 of July, the Organising Committee of the European Universities Games in 2024 Debrecen-Miskolc held a reception on which were invited the Heads of Delegations, NUSA officials, EUSA representatives and representatives from the Organizational Committee of this year’s edition of the Games.

EUG 2022: Closure for swimming, finals for the rest
29 July 2022

One of the 7 remaining sports present on the schedule of the European Universities Games 2022, swimming had its closure today. Tomorrow the 6 left, badminton, sport climbing, handball, basketball, karate and taekwondo are going to have their last day of competition.

EuroGames Nijmegen host iSport partners
29 July 2022

Partners of the Inclusion in Sport (iSport) Erasmus+ project met in Nijmegen for a working meeting, first time in-person, since the project started last year.

Healthy Lifestyle for All also at EUG 2022
30 July 2022

European University Sports Association (EUSA) is a signatory of the HealthlyLifestyle4All pledge, promoting healthy lifestyles for all, across generations and social groups, by linking sport and active lifestyles with health, food and other policies. We are happy and proud to be present and to have been carrying out the campaign initiatives also during the European Universities Games 2022 in Lodz.

EUSA Rowing Championship working meetings in Lodz
30 July 2022

Even though rowing is not one of the sports featured at the European Universities Games in Lodz, the presence of key stakeholders at the event was used for two working meetings in preparation of the European Universities Rowing Championship, which will be hosted in September in Istanbul, Turkey.

EUG 2022: The last champions of EUG 2022
30 July 2022

And with this final day, European Universities Games 2022 in Lodz have come to an end. It has been 15 eventful days full of sports, competition, fair play, team spirit and individual efforts to show what the athletes have been training for.

FISU Section
FISU Section
FISU America celebrates 15th anniversary
23 July 2022

The story of the American continental university sports body FISU America goes back to 2007, when the organizations from North America - Central America and Caribbean University Sports Organization (ODUCC) and South America - South American Confederation of University Sports (COSUD) unified under the name of Pan-American University Sports Organization (ODUPA), changing its name to FISU America in 2015.

EUG 2022: Winners in 3x3 and Football qualified for FISU World Cups
27 July 2022

Apart of the flattery title of European Universities Champions, winners in 3x3 Basketball and Football male and female competitions at the European Universities Games Lodz 2022 also qualified for the FISU University World Cups in these sports.

What's up! - Student Column
What's up! - Student Column

HealthyLifestyle4All Youth Ideas Labs

whatsup-augustFor this month’s Student Column we are still very much inspired by the European Universities Games that just concluded in Lodz. At the same time, we put additional focus on the #HeathlyLifestyle4All initiative, that encompasses three main pillars:
- Increased awareness of a healthy lifestyle across all generations;
- Easier access to sport, physical activity and healthy diets, with special focus on inclusion and non-discrimination to reach disadvantaged groups;
- Teaming up for a holistic approach to food, health, well-being and sport.

In the European Year of Youth, 30 young delegates were appointed by 6 organisations, including EUSA. The young participants were able to share their ideas on how to improve the future of sport for youth, presenting the first part of their outcome at the EU Sport Forum, held last month in Lille. They will meet next in Brussels in August, and in Prague in September, sharing their outcomes at the kick-off of the European Week of Sport.

Check out the video highlight of the youth Labs initiative and listen to two of the delegates; Hugo Ferreira from Portugal, nominated by the European Solidarity Network and Marianna Pikul from Poland, nominated by the European University Sports Association:

Are you a student with an opinion? We are looking for new contributors for our student column every month. Feel free to contact to offer a piece or propose a topic.



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